Working Equitation Deutschland e.V. – Postal Adress: Markus Grüter, Daburg 3, 83533 Edling


In cooperation with Hippo Veranstaltungs GmbH, Landshamer Str. 11, 81929 München, Germany


0049.89-926 967-456

Show ground: Olympia-Reitanlage München-Riem, Landshamer Str. 11, 81929 München, Germany

Latitude: 48°8/35“ , Longitude: 11°9/53“


Organising Committee:


President of the event:

Event Director:



Markus Grüter, 0049 (0)174 203 01 49

Lena Breymann, 0049 – (0)89 926 967-456

Show Secretary:

Stable Manager:


Die Meldestelle, Inge Achatz, Faistenlohe Str. 19, 81247 München,

Michael Huber, 0049 (ß)152-527 541 67

Ground Jury President:

Ground Jury Member:

Course Designer:


Veterinary Service:


Medical Doctor:





NF´s invited:

Total nr. of athletes:

Nr. of foreign athletes:


Nr. Of home athletes:





Deadline for Entries:
















Fee per horse:

(VAT incl.)






















Late withdrawals &







Other fees:



































Competition Details:

























Prize giving:








Lothar Vriesen ( GER,

Waltraud Böhmke ( GER ), Nicole Kramer ( GER)

Michael Wesp (GER)


Rüdiger Brems,, 0049 (0)170 772 3277

Georg Fischer, 0049 (0)8842 613630

Prof. Dr. Dr. Heinz Kniha,, 0049 (0)89 17950





Riders from NF´s invited by the OC

Approx.. 45

max. 4 Riders per foreign NF- 2 senior Riders for Masterclass competition and 2 young Riders for Youth Competition  up to a total number of 30

approx. 15 – German team riders have priority, further starting places by draw





You must use the WED e.V. Entry System for all categories of this event:

Athletes and/or horses present at the event without having been entered through the WED e.V. Online Entry System will automatically be disqualified unless compelling circumstances warrant otherwise.

Please register yourself  in the “nomination form” as soon as possible, latest until

06/05/2019. Your registration will automatically be sent to your association, the show office,

our accounting and payment agency EventClearing and the organizing committee.


All riders will be contacted by EventClearing via e-mail concerning the payments and further

registration on If you have any questions, please contact


Entry fees of all athletes are administered by EventClearing. The entry fee plus additional fees/charges have to be paid by transfer ahead of the event to the following account: EventClearing S.à r.l., Massewee 2, L – 6186 Gonderange                                                     IBAN-EUR: LU38 0025 4101 2925 8200 BIC / SWIFT: BILL LULL XXX                          Ref.: Working Equitation Munich, name of the rider.

After you received an e-mail from EventClearing please register your data on as the accounting is done via this platform as well.Please contact EventClearing for further details:

In the case of withdrawals after the date of definite entries or no-shows the athlete or the respective NF will be held liable to reimburse the Organiser for the actual financial loss incurred by the Organiser (i.e. stabling and hotel expenses) as a result of the late withdrawal or no-show. Amount charged: € 150,00 plus possible hotel costs etc.


Fee for electric hook-up for lorry (please opt with entry if required): 80 €

Manure disposal:         € 40 per box

Hay:                            € 12 per bale

Straw:                          € 10 per bale

Shavings:                     € 15 per bale.

Tack box:                    € 178,50

All aforementioned amounts are including VAT

Fee for late Entry (after the 06/05/2019): 50 €


Wednesday, 29th of May: 8 am Stable opening

6 pm Horse Inspection

All horses taking part at this event must be present during the horse inspection, unless unable to do so due to „force majeure“

Declaration of starters

All day free training at warm up arena and show arena


Thursday, 30th of May: Dressage Trial Youth Riders

Dressage Trial Masterclass


Friday, 31st of May Maneability Trial Masterclass
Maneability Trial Youth Riders


Saturday, 1st of June: Speedtrail Youth Riders

Presentation of nations

Speedtrial Masterclass CAUTION: at good weather conditions speedtrail is on grass!!! Studs for horse-shoes are mandatory!


Sunday, 2nd of June Cow trial Youth Riders

Cow Trial Masterclass

Price giving ceremony single classements and

Combined classements (Nation´s Cup 2019)

1)       Working Equitation Youth Competition

Dressage – Maneability Trial – Speed Trial – Cow trial

Acc. To WED e.V. Rules 2019 – Dressage Test: L2

Horses must be born 2014 or earlier (min. 5 years old in 2019)

Riders must be born 1998 or earlier (max 21 years old in 2019)


Starting Order dressage:       V (Horse name)

Starting Order Maneability:  reversed order to ranking after dressage

Starting Order Speed:          reversed order to ranking after dressage and maneability

Starting Order Cow Trial:    reversed order to ranking after dressage and maneability and speed



2)       Working Equitation Masterclass Competition

Dressage – Maneability Trial – Speed Trial – Cow trial

Acc. To WED e.V. Rules 2019 – Championship Dressage Test

Horses must be born 2013 or earlier (min. 6 years old in 2019)


Starting Order dressage:           G (Horse name)

Starting Order Maneability:  reversed order to ranking after dressage

Starting Order Speed:          reversed order to ranking after dressage and maneability

Starting Order Cow Trial:    reversed order to ranking after dressage and maneability and speed



After every trial the best 6 riders must present themselves for a price giving.

All riders must present themselves for the price-giving ceremony on Sunday afternoon and presentation of nations on Saturday.



1-6 Working Equitation Junior class (Dressage, Maneability, Speed, Cow Trial)

Prize Money: € 1000 /(€ 350 / 250 / 150 / 100 / 80 / 70)


1-6 Working Equitation Master Class (Dressage, Maneability, Speed, Cow Trial)

Prize Money: € 3000 (€ 1000/ 600/ 500/ 400/ 300/ 200)


Nations Cup Munich 2019 (the cumulated result of the 2 best Junior Riders and the 2 best

Master Class Riders per Nation! Nation Teams need to be fixed prior the Dressage Test

Nations who have not 4 Riders (2 Junior + 2 Master Class) are not taking part in this classification.

Logistical/Administrative/Technical Information



The draw takes place in the tent of the WED e.V. beside the competition arena.


Total dimensions: 35 m x 70 m
Dimensions square Dressage Trial: 20 m x 40 m
Maneability Trial, Speed Trial, Cow Trial 35 m x 70 m
Type of footing: sand


Total dimensions: 40 m x 80 m
Type of footing: sand


Size of boxes: 3 m x 3 m
Horses will be stabled (incl. 1st bedding included – shavings) on the show grounds from 29/05/2019 to 2//06/2019.

The necessary number of boxes has to be ordered when handing in the entries – the order is binding.

If no boxes have been ordered, the OC will reserve one box per horse entered. Only the assigned stables may be used.

Forage, hay and straw can be bought on site with the stable manager.


Name of the company: HSR-Performance
Name contact person: Hendrik Schulze-Rückamp


The athletes are authorised to carry the logo of their personal sponsor.


Name of the ticketing provider: Ticketmaster
Web address to buy ticket:


Transport expenses to be paid by the athletes.


The time and date of arrival of athletes, horses and their means of transport must be given to the Organiser in order to facilitate them on arrival.


Shuttle Service from hotel to the showground will be made available.


Numer of accredited persons:

Subsequent persons will be given free entrance to the tournament grounds:

Athlete: 1
Partner: ./.
Groom: 1
Horse owner: one (1) accreditation per horse




Contact details for Customs Formalities:

Name: Fa. Lentner GmbH, Spezialpferdetransporte München
Adress: Daglfingerstr. 42, 81929 München
Telephone: +49 89 938155
Fax: +49 89 9305119
Opening hours: will be published in the show office
Customs and veterinary fees will not be taken over.



In accordance with the Code of Conduct for the Welfare of the Horse it is imperative that all horses at events are physically fit and free from infectious disease before being allowed to compete.

Entry of horses

Required health tests and vaccinations: ./.
Quarantine period: ./.
Specimen Import Licence applied: ./.

Every athlete is obliged to deliver all necessary health certificates for the transport to the event or identification of the horses

before they come into the stables:


a )in case of arrival from a EU-member-country, a health attestation for registered horses acc. to sample of Annex II to


(see of the currently valid version

will be necessary.



b)    in case of arrival from a country not belonging to the EU, a health certificate for registered horses acc. to sample of Annex II (see of the decision of

the commission 92/260/EG of the currently valid version will be necessary.


A certificate must be done in at least one official language of the country of destination and in one official language of the member

country. The athlete must carry with him the original certificate, not a copy.


The Organiser sees to it that on the competition site, an official state veterinarian is present to issue the health certificates which

are necessary for the transport of the horses to their destination abroad.

In case the OC has entrusted a forwarding agency, the latter is ready to assist regarding the required documents.

Furthermore, questions relating to health requirements for horses can be directed to the veterinary authorities in the country of

origin or in Germany.


In addition to the rules and regulations applicable as set out above the following national regulations apply:

·         German Animal Welfare Act (Tierschutzgesetz):

·         German Law concerning Manufacture and Distribution of Medicines (Arzneimittelgesetz):

·         German Animal Health Act (Tiergesundheitsgesetz):

·         German Regulation for Animal-Welfare during Transport (Tierschutztransportverordnung)

·         German Regulation regarding Livestock Transport (Viehverkehrsverordnung)

·         etc.



Horses participating in WAWE Events are subject to injury surveillance protocols; and in the event of fatality, a post mortem examination.



Horses must be fit to travel and be transported in suitable vehicles. Any government requirements for disease testing and control must be requested well in advance, to ensure that the horse is in compliance by the time of arrival at the border of the country where the event is taking place. Athletes, or their representatives, have the responsibility to comply with national legislation in both their country of origin and the host nation of the event. Where necessary athletes must contact local government authorities or veterinary advisors for information regarding animal health requirements and transport legislation. Within the European Union (EU), this includes EU Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 concerning the protection of animals during transport within the Member States of the EU.




For horses permanently resident in a Member State of the European Union: all horses must have a national EU passport in compliance with EU Regulations. 


Horses competing at international WAWE Events must comply with the requirements for Equine Influenza vaccination in accordance with the Veterinary Regulations and as summarised below:

Primary Course 1st Vaccination: day 0 May compete 7 days after the 2nd Vaccination
2nd Vaccination: day 21-92
First Booster Within 7 months of the 2nd vaccination of the Primary Course May compete for 6 months +21 days after the

2ndvaccination of the Primary Course

Must not compete in the 7 days after receiving a


Boosters MINIMUM: within one year of previous booster vaccination

IF COMPETING: must be in the 6 months

+21 days of the booster previous vaccination

Must have been vaccinated within 6 months +21 days

before arriving at the Event

Must not compete in the 7 days after receiving a


All Horses intending to compete at the Event must be vaccinated against Equine Influenza in accordance with these VRs. The exception being if the applicable domestic legislation prevents the use of Equine Influenza vaccines within the relevant territory


On arrival at an Event venue, all horses must undergo an examination by a veterinarian to confirm their identification from their passport and micro-chip ID (where present), their vaccination status and general health. To protect all horses attending events, any horse with a questionable health status concerning vaccination, disease or other concerns, must be stabled within the isolation facilities provided by the Organising Committee pending a decision on entering the venue.


All horses will be assessed for their fitness to compete during the Horse Inspection. Any horse demonstrating questionable fitness may be referred to the Holding Box for further veterinary examination. Horses not deemed fit to compete by the Inspection Panel will not be permitted to compete.


All horses are subject to examination under the protocol for abnormal limb sensitivity throughout the period of an Event, including, but not limited to, between rounds and before the Jump Off. Horses may be examined once or on multiple occasions during the Period of an Event. Horses may be selected for examination under the protocol randomly or they may be targeted. All horses selected to be tested must submit promptly to the examination or are subject to immediate disqualification. There is no obligation to examine any specific number of horses at an event.




All horses competing at WED Events may be subject to sampling for the presence Equine Prohibited Substances in accordance with the Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations (EADCMRs). Horses may be selected for sampling in accordance with obligatory testing, targeted or random sampling procedures.


Elective Testing may be carried out prior to an Event to check for the presence of prohibited substances. Please refer to for information and details.


Athletes can be tested at any WED Event, by the WED or by other Anti-Doping Organisations with testing jurisdiction.



Horse sport is associated with dangerous risks. The WED e.V. and the organizer of this tournaments shall NOT be liable for material and property damages or injuries of any kind whatsoever in the case of participants, owners, assistants and spectators who are in connection with the WED e. V. or the organiser.

The WED e.V. and the organizer expressly excludes all liability.


Personal Accident and Health Insurance

It is your responsibility as an Athlete/Owner/Support Personnel to ensure that you have adequate personal accident insurance in place to cover your participation at WED e.V. Events and in particular to insure against any personal injury or medical expenses arising from an accident, injury or illness which may occur at a WED e:V. Event.

You should check with your National Federation to confirm if your National Federation’s insurance policy (if any) covers personal accidents and/or illnesses which may occur when you are attending at/participating in WED e.V. Events.

If your National Federation does not have a personal accident/health insurance policy or if the National Federation’s insurance policy does not cover personal accident or health claims, then you should obtain your own personal accident and health insurance policy to cover your attendance/participation at WED e.V. Events.

Personal Property Insurance

You should also ensure that you are insured against property loss, theft or damage which may occur at an WED e.V. Event.

Again, the advice is to check with your National Federation to confirm if they have an insurance policy in place which would cover you in case of such property loss, theft or damage. If not, then you should obtain your own personal property insurance to cover such situations.



Third Party Liability Insurance

As an athlete/owner you are personally responsible for damages to third parties caused by you, your employees, support personnel, your agents or your horses. You are, therefore, strongly advised to take out third-party liability insurance providing full coverage in relation to WED Events at home and abroad, and to keep the policy up to date. The WED e.V. and the Organiser will NOT be responsible for any damage caused to third parties by you, your employees, support personnel, your agents or your horses

Additional Liability Information

The organizer declines any liability for property or pecuniary damage which may happen to visitors, athletes, grooms and horse owners through slight negligence of the organizer, his delegates or his assistants. The OC is liable in case of intent, gross negligence as well as in case of injury to life, body or health and in further cases he is liable for compelling legal liability acc. to the legal requirements.

Horse Insurance

As an owner you should ensure that your Horses are adequately insured against any injuries or illnesses they may sustain while participating at a WED e.V. Event.



To be valid, all Protests and Appeals must be made in writing and accompanied by a deposit of € 100.-.


In the event of any discussion concerning the interpretation of the schedule (in translated languages), the English version will be decisive.


In exceptional circumstances, together with the approval of the wed Board of Directors and the Ground Jury, the OC may change the schedule in order to clarify any matters arising from an omission or due to unforeseen circumstances. Any such changes must be notified to all athletes and officials as soon as possible.



WED e.V. Rules and Regulations 2019 and the actual LPO of the German National Federation


According to paragraph 6 of the German Animal Welfare Act, trimming the vibrissae around eyes and muzzle as well as

clipping or cutting the hairs inside the ears of horses are prohibited.




The horses must be marked with bridle numbers at all times on the event grounds.


For all athletes under the age of 18, helmets are required on the event grounds.It is generally recommended to wear a helmet.


Dogs have to be kept on the leash.